Badgerblood: Awakening (Paperback)




“…An utterly immersive reading experience.” —BlueInk Review (starred review)

Few dare venture into the Borwood Timberland—a vast forest steeped in sky-piercing trees, demon creatures, and legend.

Few, except Kor.

An ancient gift pulses in his veins. The blood of shifting kings and queens flows through him. But he has forgotten his past and his lineage. Oblivious to his power, blind to his gift, his nightmares hold him captive.

Now a tyrant wants him dead.

When a strange, amber-eyed girl braves the forest in search of a rare flower and encounters a borlan, Kor has a choice: run, or face the spined demon-beast to help her.

His decision sparks a chain of events that sends him to rot in the salt mines of Perabon and pits him against a ruthless mercenary. His path awakens his gift, recalls his past, and unveils a murderous intrigue.

The Princess Bride meets Shadow of the Fox in this fast-paced, cinematic fantasy of resilience and intrigue. Fans of Patricia Wrede will enjoy S.C. Monson’s Badgerblood: Awakening, the tale of a spirited princess discovering a hidden gift and a headstrong forester as he unveils the truth about his forgotten past and the ancient secret lying dormant in his blood. The first in a new YA fantasy series, Badgerblood combines page-turning action, witty dialogue, and a sprinkle of magic for an adventure you won’t want to put down.

Praise for Badgerblood: Awakening From Early-Access Readers:

“Badgerblood is full of intrigue, magic, and adventure. I found it difficult to put down and could hardly wait to see what new pursuits befell Kor. If you enjoyed reading books like John Flanagan’s Ranger’s Apprentice or Brandon Mull’s Fablehaven you’ll enjoy Badgerblood. S.C. Monson’s writing style captivates the reader from the beginning, leaving the reader wanting more. I look forward to reading future Badgerblood books.”
—Coreen H.

“Badgerblood was a fun read from start to finish. S.C. Monson has done a great job crafting an original fantasy novel with rich descriptions and a gripping plot. With Badgerblood’s plot woven around an original fairytale, S.C. Monson’s writing style reminds me of Megan Whalen Turner. Shannon’s writing flows well and is full of witty dialogue.”
—Michelle R.

“Dive headfirst into this world of mystery, action, intrigue, and a dash of romance, and you’ll turn pages faster than you thought possible!”
—K. Laursen

“I was wanting more as I finished the final page of Badgerblood! S.C. Monson’s writing drew me into the imaginary world of Caderia. The fight scenes were tastefully done with plenty of excitement and intensity. S.C. Monson’s writing was creative, descriptive, and well-paced. With twists and turns in the plot, I was eager to discover what would happen next and would keep reading chapter after chapter. I highly recommend Badgerblood to any reader who enjoys fantasy and adventure. I look forward to discovering what will happen next in the Badgerblood series!”
—Haley J.

“Badgerblood was a great surprise! It wasn’t predictable and after each chapter I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next! I look forward to reading more of S.C. Monson’s work!”
—Paige S.

“There are many fantastic ideas in this book, from innovative details in world design to interesting plot twists. Written for young adults but entertaining for all, Badgerblood…created an effortless movie in my head. Filled with intrigue, it kept me engaged all the way to the end—and beyond! I can’t wait for the next book!”
—Michelle E.


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