Badgerblood Awakening.

Few dare venture into the Borwood Timberland- a vast forest steeped in sky-piercing trees, demon creatures, and legend.

Few, except Kor.

An ancient gift pulses in his veins. The blood of Shifting kings and queens flows through him. But he has forgotten his past and his lineage. Oblivious to his power, blind to his gift, his nightmares hold him captive.

Now a tyrant wants him dead.

When a strange, amber-eyed girl braves the forest in search of a rare flower and is attacked by a borlan, Kor has a choice: run, or face the spined demon-beast to help her.

His decision sparks a chain of events that sends him to rot in the salt mines of Perabon and pits him against a ruthless mercenary. His path awakens his gift, recalls his past, and unveils a murderous intrigue.

New YA fantasy filled with action-packed peril and adventure, humor, intrigue, and a sprinkle of magic and romance. Available on Amazon!

Editorial Reviews

“…An utterly immersive reading experience. Monson’s world building is flawless, and she delivers characters that readers will care deeply about.”
BlueInk Review (starred review)

“…Tense adventure scenes, close escapes, and dynamic sensory details…”
Foreword Clarion Reviews

“Excellent writing keeps readers engaged… As each new truth comes to light, the story fits together even more completely…”
Mary Lanni, Reedsy Discovery

“An entertaining, comfy fantasy.”
Kirkus Reviews