The Author

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SC Monson graduated from BYU-Idaho with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, which is completely beside the point.

In her youth, she wrote several short stories, including one about the Big Bad Wolf, three little pigs, and an intervening Batman—and one long story she should have ended, but didn’t. Among her siblings, she is famous as the Earthquake-On-A-Stool Yahoo Girl. (It’s a hair-raising tale.)

Badgerblood: Awakening is her first YA Fantasy and the first of a series.

Due to her parents’ insatiable love of adventure, SC is an American born abroad in Germany and raised in places like Turkey and Italy.

She currently resides on Earth. When she’s not writing, music-dallying, or listening to audiobooks, she’s battling mutant ants and plotting escapades with her superhero husband.

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The Artist

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Steven Monson graduated from BYU-Idaho with a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design, which, in this case, is completely relevant.

As the lead web designer for a company in Idaho, he has designed hundreds of websites for small businesses across the United States.

He is the brain behind all the Badgerblood book cover and concept art, logo and website design, and marketing.

In his youth, he wrote and illustrated several stories, including The Magic Adventure, Jack and the Demon, and The Wizards, the Warlocks, and Michael. As a teenager, Steven also filmed, directed, and produced short movies starring family and friends. The Melodrama can be found on YouTube.

Mr. Monson currently resides on Earth. When he’s not drawing, working on a book design, or story troubleshooting with his wife, he can be found going for walks, photographing beautiful scenery, and planning his next adventure with the missus.