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Badgerblood’s Map Progress

Badgerblood is set in a fantasy world called Caderia and we’ve finished a regional map that highlights the main kingdoms mentioned in the book. Not all places mentioned have made it into the first book’s final version, however. But perhaps at a later date we can expand the map to include the others.

Map Beginnings

Originally, the map showed the following kingdoms north to south: Nalkara, Tilldor, Perabon. 

That order changed to Nalkara, Perabon, Tilldor when we decided the heart or center of the forest would be better off roughly on the same level as Perabon, which is where much of the first book in Badgerblood takes place.

Now, Nalkara, Perabon, Tilldor, and the top of Salkar are all portrayed on the map.

Take a look at the map’s progress below featuring some of the first sketches I used to get a feel for locations and the lay of the land, and a few of Steven’s more recent, refined, and exploratory designs.

Final Version

Caderia's Western Regions

Shannon’s Early Map Squiggles

Steven’s Later Sketches

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